FOUR20 Finance — Innovatively connecting NFTs, DeFi & Cannabis for Digital Advertising, CannaFi Synthetics & Trustless Supply-Chain

Four20 is a hybrid decentralized trustless protocol that aims to leverage DeFi and NFT conceptual architecture to REVOLUTONALIZE the canna-system. We wish to expand and evolve it with Blockchain & DeFi to build a protocol for Synthesized CannAssets & a NFT DAPP Ecosystem for digital advertising. We aim to get real businesses involved and present real life use case taking blockchain with DeFi & NFTs, and applying it to target a new BOOM-industry market with innovate concepts surrounding digital advertising and trustless supply-chain solutions.

Four20 Finance aims to disrupt the cannabis industry. A Decentralized framework for supply chain transparency, CannaFi Synthetics & a NFT DAPP Eco-system within the Cannabis Industry

…with a DeFi twist!

The FOUR20 Ecosystem

The thought process for the FOUR20 ecosystem has been something that was being considered for 2 years. How to connect this upcoming cannabis boom sector to the technological evolution that blockchain presents? Meanwhile looking back previously we saw several cannabis cryptocurrency projects launch, many to their demise which faded away. We believe that is due to the cannabis sector not having matured enough, while also blockchain hadn’t developed to the expanded architecture that we have now — with DeFi, lending/yielding protocols, NFTs, layer 2 and the likes.

The aim was to be innovative, to think thoroughly about a concept that would be sustainable and incentivize community engagement while connecting to the needs of real industry cannabis companies and brands. We analyzed several projects across the DeFi space to see where a bridge could be established to connect the dots. By taking example from other leading projects we thought up a triple tier hybrid DeFi conceptualization.

  • NFT DAPP Ecosystem for Digital Advertising

Through developing these three stages FOUR20 aims to become a leading digital canna-system connecting cannabis and its supply-chain within a decentralized finance protocol and innovatively use NFTs for digital advertising, promotions and rewards.

Cannabis NFTs for Digital Advertising and Promotion

The recent crash in NFTs was foreseen and presented a viable problem case… What makes NFTs worth something, what keeps people engaged with NFTs and how can you combine this to connect real life industry players within a model where a business use case can be presented? From there with our experience and knowledge of the cannabis industry we started to dig deep into how cannabis companies advertise their products. Thus, the apple dropped on the head from the tree and the lightbulb flicked…
| NFTs — Digital Advertising — Cannabis || Collectible & Tradeable with Rewards & Redeem-ability |using DeFi models such as staking, burning, yielding and governance.

How will NFTs be applied with cannabis brands for promotion?… Well an aspect of the community buzz around cannabis is all the different strains, genetics, flavors (terps) and inherently the brands behind the production of these sweet sweet buds. These days cannabis production technology has developed to a stage where the quality of some of the leading brands is regarded top shelf for a reason. While cannabis enthusiasts and the likes are always flavor-chasing for the best strains with the preferred terpene profile flavors.

So how do we do this with NFTs?… Well imagine the Pokémon cards of cannabis strains, a digital directory of collectibles with categoric ranking of real strains, real brands and real reward incentives from given brands. What makes this special is we have formulated a business model that keeps the community engaged, while also incentivizing brands to utilize our ecosystem for advertising and promotions. Looking to the future, gone are the days of non-interactive gift cards or outdated paper coupons… As technology is evolving, digitalized advertising is becoming a more popular method for brands to not only promote their products but also to engage the end user with new technological interactions.

CannaFi — “Mirrored” Synthesized CannAssets

The term CannaFi stemmed from the word DeFi and in short terms means “Cannabis Finance”, and we use it as a term that represents the new technological paradigm that blockchain and DeFi has opened up for tech-adopting cannabis companies. CannAssets is the term we use to represent the synthetic cannabis price derivatives listed within our DeFi protocol. Ultimately, within the FOUR20 ecosystem we aim to roll out a decentralized synthetic cannabis derivatives platform that will pioneer in providing exposure to price index’s of both leading cannabis “greenchips” as well as upcoming SMEs and “unicorns” that will be polled for listing through the governance model.

This model for this was inspired by existing DeFi derivative platforms, while also considering the opportunities presented for investment exposure that the booming cannabis industry has presented. So how do we solve the problem?…

Many cannabis companies are just coming out of the maturity phase, however, there is still a barrier to entry due to many cannabis companies being listed on local stock exchanges or brokerages that aren’t so accessible. The architecture that DeFi has provided will enable us to build a web3 interoperable protocol and provide exposure to synthesized derivative tokens that mirror the price indexing of cannabis stocks.

Trustless Supply-Chain Management Solutions

Through leveraging blockchain technology FOUR20 aims to tap in to the supply chain and develop decentralized solutions that will enable secure traceability of the various sector transfer points from seed to production to retail. We aim to be a part of the compliance infrastructure as the cannabis boom industry matures and presents a gap in the market for decentralized and trustless mechanics for managing production standards and transportation measures.

Currently, the supply-chain is operating in a wild-west format whereby dispensaries are sourcing their own product from farms independently. However, as the industry matures, regulatory factors develop and a structural basis for compliance measures must be taken in accordance by producers, transporters and vendors. Through the development of the ecosystem with brands, cannabis companies and industry counterparts FOUR20 can leverage blockchain architecture to construct a trustless decentralized solution cross-connecting all parties across sectors.

Digitalizing Processes in BOOM-Phase

Having analyzed the boom-phase of the cannabis industry, our triple tier digital ecosystem will provide foundations for positive contribution in digitalizing marketing and supply-chain processes. With the industry in its final maturity stages, there is a necessary requirement for companies to pioneer new technologies and frameworks that can evolve industries towards futuristic processes. The key is thinking outside the box and with our proposal in mind it seems a structured model that will forefront business activity around an evolving digital landscape.

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